Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sleeping Sack and Wraps

When Leily was in the hospital, the nurses used to wrap the babies. They said it helps them to sleep because it is comforting for them. We found this to be very helpful. Not only did it help Leily to sleep, it also helped when she was overtired.

The recommended use of wraps is:

0 to 3 months = full wrap

3 to 5-6 months = half wrap

After the 5 months it’s recommended to use a sleeping bag. This helps to keep the baby warm inside her cot or even car-seat (see how it has a hole for the belt at the bottom). It’s after this age they start to kick a lot and when they are sleeping they move too, which results in them moving the blanket off and getting cold. Also having a blanket on the car-seat for example doesn’t always work with the wind and moving it from here and there, having the baby in a sack helps a lot.

Still now when Leily gets too overtired, we wrap her to calm her down...

Some authors, recommend using the sack at 5 months, so the baby gets use to it, because introducing it later might be harder. It can be used up to 1.5 years.

The wrap doesn’t need to be anything especial, a thin cotton blanket folded from top left corner to bottom right corner, can be easily used as a wrap.

The sack though is harder to get away with.

Remember that every product should be 100% cotton (see post about cotton here)

We bought ours from babysense 


  1. It's really nice to see a father writing about all of this. Welcome to the world of baby care! You sound like you are doing a wonderful job with your little sweetie.
    We really loved the swaddle. My daughter used it until she was over 5 months, I think she was actually over 7 before she could put herself to sleep without it. It took her a long time to learn to control her arms and hands.

    Looking forward to following your adventures with little L.


  2. Children grow up to be a person with better behaviour when they sleep fully wrapped up as babies. Trust me. Mine all grown-up adults now. I switched to sarong when they outgrown the wrap.

    Glad if all fathers are like you.

    Cheers from Malaysia.

  3. Selvi, Thanks for the comment, the very first of my blog :)
    I'll try to keep it interesting...

  4. Ummie, thanks for adding your comments...

  5. Hey Vahid!

    This is wonderful. Glad you could work out the details and get to spend time with your wonderful little child.

    Thanks for adding all your tips, will come in handy some day :)
    Keep us posted. I wish Anisa the best of luck on her Articles. It must be really tough doing both.

    Good luck to the two of you and I hope to hear more from you and your wonderful family Vahid joon.


  6. Vahid está increíbleeeeeeeeeee tu páginaaa...qué original..sin darte cuenta, vas a ayudar de seguro a muchos padres o futuros padres, de hecho voy a comprar ese libro desde ya!! esas fotitos de Leyli poniéndole el trapo son hermosas..quisiera verla de cerca por si me podés la ve tan tiernita! Es increíble todo lo que hacés bello..felicidades, sos un padre increíble y tenés dos hermosuras a tu lado, tu bebé y Anisa.estoy tan feliz por vos. TE adoro.besos. Minú