Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bum Creams

I remember when I was younger, powder was the way to keep babies clean and dry. Now creams are a better option. Not only does it keep the skin soft and moisturised, but cleaning also becomes easier.

We started using a cream that was pretty good. But eventually Leily started having a bad rash. We had to use some zink castor oil to clear the rash and after it was all cleared our paediatrician recommended us to use this cream.

I have to say, the results from using that cream are very good. Try it!!!


  1. Sometimes it could be the baby wipes!
    I have a friend that was using one with some kind nice smell/perfume on her baby, and that was what provoked the rash! She inmidiately changed it to the unscented ones ;)

  2. Tahere, OMG long time no see (or in this case, read) thanks for the comments :)