Friday, November 21, 2008

How this works...

Since Leily was born, and during the 2 months that I have been taking care of her, Anisa and I have had some experiences related to parenting that as time passes I’m going to share.

It’s very interesting to see people’s reactions when they see the father taking the baby to the women's bathroom because the men's bathroom doesn’t have a changing table. This and many other stories will be posted here too.

This will also be a place where I give my personal (and non-baby-professional) opinion of places that are baby friendly (or not) in Cape Town, South Africa (mostly). 


  1. interesting blog! Look forward to reading it everytime you update it...if only you had leily before we had keon ;)maybe then i would have had a few extra nights sleep!!

  2. Thank you Coz ! it's a cool blog and it's nice to share a little bit more of your life :)
    Miss you and thank you :)