Friday, November 21, 2008


As some of you may know, God blessed our marriage with its first fruit. Leily Kamila was born at 8.35 of the 2nd of June 2008.

Anisa is currently undergoing her Articles (in South Africa all attorneys have to finish 2 years of work as a candidate attorney before they can practice law) Leily was born in the middle of Anisa’s second year of articles.

After the 4 months of maternity leave she had to go back to work, and make up those 4 months in 2009.

We felt strongly about not having anyone else raise Leily.

We didn’t want to put Anisa’s articles on hold, if so, she would have had to do them again.

And we needed my income.

So I asked my boss (David Campey, CEO, Information Logistics) if I could have the option to work during the nights. And by the grace of God he accepted.

From the last 2 months until April 2009 I will be taking care of Leily during the day and working during the night.

This is a blog of my experiences (or confessions) of trying to do what society usually expects a woman to do... 


  1. I love this!! I believe it's great!!! and also helps us to understand and help out with family and friends.