Sunday, November 23, 2008

Using 100% cotton products

When I was in school, I was a Boy Scout (I know... I know...). One of the years, we got trained by a “special operations” group from the military.

Part of the training was surviving in the jungle, with nothing but a knife (actually a machete) some matches and a very light homemade sleeping bag.

They explained how to “make” this sleeping bag. We needed two pieces of thick nylon (like those heavy-duty plastic bags) and using some glue, and a little piece of cloth, we basically needed to create a bag in which we would fit.

I didn’t understand how that was going to keep us warm during the cold night, in the middle of the jungle.

Anyway, the first night came, and we were asked to go into our bags.

I can’t explain how HOT it got in there, when outside it was probably around 15°. All of us ended up taking off our jackets and just sleeping in a t-shirt.

When Leily was born, we were told that because she is premature, she won’t know how to keep her body temperature constant, and depending on how small she is using the light on top of the incubator might not be a good idea, so they might have to wrap her using plastic.

This is why baby products like clothes, blankets, wraps, and even bed-sheets have to be 100% cotton. Babies can’t control their body temperature like we do, and the risk of overheating is higher if the product has plastic on it, like polyester and others.

So my recommendation is when possible, especially with sleeping clothes, try to use 100% cotton. 

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