Friday, November 21, 2008


After two weeks of having Leily at home Anisa and I realized that her skin was getting dry. Our paediatrician recommended not using the “typical” creams for during and after her bath.

She recommended a cream named Epimax, (if you Google “epimax” you will find everything from concrete industries to wound creams) the packaging of the cream is not very convincing and its pretty cheap too.

She also recommended Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion, but only if we just wanted to pay more.

So, we bought and have tried them both, and there couldn’t be anything more perfect for her than this.

We actually use them both too, we found that Cetaphil washes easier from her hair, so we use Cetaphil as a “shampoo” and Epimax as soap and after bath cream.

If you live in SA and have the chance to go to any store (clicks should do it) try Epimax, remember the packaging doesn’t do justice to the outcome you would get from the product.

It works so well, soon I’ll start trying it for myself.

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