Monday, December 1, 2008

BPA Free

It was not long ago when someone passed this video onto me.  It was the first time I heard about Bishphenol A and how harmful it can be.

I remember getting rid of all our Tupperware and starting to buy glass containers with lids.

When Leily was born I just assumed baby bottles are safe, but they're not (well at least from BPA).

Yesterday, while we were buying "weaning equipment" for Leily, I realized that NUK had one large drinking bottle that specifically stated that it was BPA Free.

Recently I read an article that other major brand like Pigeon for example are introducing BPA Free bottles. Dr. Browns and Avent, the article says, will do it by the end of this year.

So, if you are about to buy bottles or looking for new ones, make sure it states that is BPA Free.

You can read some about BPA here

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