Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Leily started solids yesterday and it was an amazing experience.

It’s interesting to see how she “finds” her way to have something different in her mouth (rather than milk, or her fingers, or my fingers) and realize at each “bite” that she can’t just suck, she needs to actually move the food to the back of her mouth so it can be swallowed.

The first bite she had, she tried to suck and I could see her lip being sucked in. It was the cutest thing.

After almost 30min, and a lot of food on the floor, hands, face, my hands, my face :) we achieved our goal, 2 spoons of baby rice.

At 6 months your baby should be introduced solids. The latest studies have shown that introducing solids before 6 months (at 4 to be more specific as it used to be) can lead to problems regarding the immature gut and kidney and also allergies.

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