Sunday, December 7, 2008

Organic Food

I still remember the first time I went to the supermarket (PicNPay) here in Cape Town.  There were a lot of things I wasn't use to. For example you pay for your plastic bag. They say it's to help the environment by encouraging people to use plastic bags less and use material made bags instead.  What stuck me the most was that at the time of choosing products you could get "normal" or, "free range" (meat & chicken etc) and organic (for fruits and vegetables (and all its derivates)). What was new to me from these concepts was that back home everything is free range and organic, so you don't "choose" to go "green" you are green :)

It's amazing the amount of hormones and pesticides that are introduced at the time of growing those products in more developed countries, which are not very healthy especially for a baby that is just starting to develop its little body.

So when it comes to your baby's food, and you don't live in Bolivia :), its highly recommended that for the first 2 years you try as hard as you can to use only organic and free range products when it comes to feeding your baby.

I would also like to make a comment on processed baby food - read the ingredients. Anything that sounds like sugar or salt, is not good for the first year of your babies development, especially preservatives. I was surprised to see the amount of "fake" stuff that is added to baby food. 

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  1. But that was being processed and passed through Department of Health. So it is safe especially when you're going to buy in the mall. But in my side, I never went to mall to buy, instead i just have an organic food delivered to our home. This case, I got less hassle and save of time.