Monday, January 19, 2009

And I’m back :)

So, After two weeks of holidays, our first wedding as a “family” (as apposed to a couple), starting Leily on solids (which I have to say it’s A LOT more time consuming and messy than giving her milk 6 times a day) and a one week of “getting back to my routine”, I’m back...

And this is my first confession, of the blog.

Parenting is HARD, YES I said it...

And for all those parents who came into this blog and said “what is this dude thinking? when is he going to have the time to keep a blog?” you were right. There is NO TIME.


  1. Parenting is hard?? You and Anisa make it look very easy with your incredible teamwork!! Well done guys...Leily is truly growing up very well! And so what if you don't have time to blog? you will again in a couple of years ;)although i will miss your blogs if you sleep less, eat less so you have more time to blog :)hahahahhah